Our Next Act

April 4, 2016.

We have made a big decision. Craftsmen is closing its doors.

Craftsmen was a failure in that it didn’t become the biggest and best consulting firm in the world.

It was a success in that it helped us discover our disinterest in such a goal, gave us the education of a lifetime, and eventually, the means to start a new business of our dreams.

Our experience with Craftsmen was typical of all new business owners—our happiness plotted over time looks like a shitty roller-coaster. From late 2009 when I founded the company until the last month when we shut it down:

Many of these not untypical experiences make consulting very hard. Not everyone’s cut out for it. For a lot of people I know, it is, in short, not fun.

But I’d like to give would-be internet entrepreneurs some advice: consult! It will make or break you. And those who survive it will be ready and able to compete in a business they’re actually passionate about.

On behalf of Kévin and myself, I’d like to sincerely thank you for your support over the years. You helped us keep our chins up when our spirits were down. We owe so much of our achievements to our family and friends, at home and abroad. We hope you’ll join us for the next 4 to 40 years on our next adventure.